1. New York (2014)


  2. A Page From My “Top Gun” Fan Fiction



    “He sank down to the kitchen floor. And I could tell he was feeling a ton of sexy burdens. His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed and stared up at the ceiling. He clenched his jaw. He twisted a bandana in his manly hands. He punched a hole through my cabinets.”

    Read more from Emma Rathbone’s humorous piece: http://nyr.kr/1jD1gGj

    (Source: newyorker.com)


  3. Gonna see the screening of Farang next week. I can’t imagine anything better than eating Pok Pok wings and watching this, then hearing from Ricker himself afterwards.


  4. Two things about baseball

    The first is a fantastic long read on Vin Scully. I will spend many evenings this summer with his voice drifting through the apartment, cooking dinner and doing dishes and looking over at the game whenever he lets me know it’s time to pay attention. We are all richer to have Vin in our lives.

    Much as Vin is a treasure, Tony Gwynn was a hero. This piece was written by his batboy, and it’s beautiful and moving.


  5. KRELL

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  6. Mt. Hood National Forest, Ore. (2014)